A college student could buy a home for less than dorm rent, but not in Oregon (photos)

Just as college students settled in for the semester, the real estate database Redfin released a list of 15 cities where it’s cheaper to buy a condo than pay for a dorm.

No surprise here: Portland did not make the list. Neither did Eugene or Corvallis. Southern Oregon University students on a budget in Ashland can forget buying instead of renting a dorm, too.

In Oregon, it cost less for a single student to live in a dorm. Where else off campus could you get a private studio with a kitchenette, bathroom and all utilities, including internet and cable, at $565 for nine months (or $423 if spread out over 12 months)?

That’s the bottom line for the least expensive dorm room at Portland State University. A double room is only $413 a month (or $310 if spread out over 12 months), so even with a roommate, and a rich relative who

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