Renter Demand for Single-Family Homes Pushes Rents to Rise …

SEATTLE, WA – Rental houses have been in high demand since the housing market crashed, but a lack of supply has made renting those homes more expensive. According to a new Zillow analysis, the median monthly rent for single-family homes is rising faster than the median monthly rent for apartments.

While rents for both houses and apartments have slowed significantly over the past year, median rent for houses rose 1.3 percent annually to a monthly rent payment of $1,404, but median rent for apartments rose 0.5 percent, to a monthly rent payment of $1,551.

There are fewer single-family homes to rent than a decade ago. When the housing market crashed, investors scooped up many single-family homes lost to foreclosure and turned them into rentals. Almost 20 percent of all single-family homes across the U.S. were rented in 2016, up from 13.5 percent 10 years prior.

Meanwhile, rentals are in increasingly high demand because many

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