Men are shopping more. And they’re being stupid about it.

Men are doing more grocery shopping today than in decades past. And guys? We’re being really stupid about it.

A survey by Men’s Health magazine reportedly found that 84 percent of male respondents consider themselves the primary grocery shoppers for their households, a 19 percent jump compared to just 20 years ago. And although a handful of other polls indicate many women disagree with that assertion, most of the research does say that men are grocery shopping more than they were before, even if their place as “primary” shopper is debatable.

But while women are statistically prone to go in with weeklong cooking plans and lists of specific items in mind, men are more likely to pick up groceries a day at a time and grab whatever shiny thing jumps out at them.

That means we’re easily swayed by colorful displays promising “Everything you need for tonight’s dinner,” even if

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