Portland’s housing crisis is something that can be turned around

Portland is facing a housing crisis. A 2015 report commissioned by the city and carried out by the Greater Portland Council of Governments indicated that middle-class families are being priced out of the city. This same report says that by 2025, Portland will face at least a 28 percent gap between the demand for and supply of workforce housing: housing that is affordable to someone making the median income for a particular area.

Maine Housing’s 2016 Housing Facts and Affordability Index for Cumberland County lists the median home price for the city of Portland as $262,000. According to housing affordability guidelines, being able to comfortably buy a house in that range requires an annual income of $80,110 – nearly twice the median Portland income of $43,839.


Joie Grandbois is a sustainability advocate and a 22-year resident of Portland.

The home price that an individual earning

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