Stay Woke: Inside the Third-Wave Coffee Revolution

Not so long ago, New York City coffee was almost uniformly no-nonsense: commodity-grade brown stuff proudly purchased from the deli or diner, and consumed more for maintenance than pleasure. But in a shift that seemed to take place almost overnight (but in reality took a decade), specialty coffee shops have nearly saturated the city, spreading out into all five boroughs with single-origin espressos, $5-and-up filter brews, and poignant stories about the coffee farmers’ families. It’s a movement that’s been fueled by a worldwide rise in the popularity of top-tier coffee, coupled with our culture’s shift toward celebrating food and drinks (and pictures of ourselves enjoying them).

The “third wave” style of coffee sets out to encompass a higher echelon of importing, roasting, and brewing that focuses on retaining the specific terroir-driven flavors of each coffee. At its best, the approach boasts a more thoughtful, environmentally sustainable approach to sourcing coffee, and

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