Ban on affordable housing mandates passes Louisiana Senate

A proposed law that could stop New Orleans from requiring real estate developers to include affordable housing in apartment and condo projects passed the Louisiana Senate on Monday (May 8).

The Senate voted 29-9 to approve Senate Bill 162 that bans local government from implementing affordable housing mandates under a policy known as inclusionary zoning. The bill was authored by Sen. Conrad Appel, R-Metairie, whose district includes part of Uptown. 

New Orleans Democrats Sens. Karen Carter Peterson, J.P. Morrell and Wesley Bishop voted against the bill. The legislation now heads to the Louisiana House for consideration.

Appel said the bill removes mandates and instead encourages voluntary negotiations between developers and cities to create affordable housing in exchange for incentives such as tax breaks or zoning variances. Requiring developers to rent or sell  apartments and condos for below market rates would result in developers walking away, he said. 

“They won’t do it that way,” Appel

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