Vancouver Waterfront developer: Hundreds have inquired about condos

Though it is little more than a construction yard near the Columbia River right now, the Vancouver Waterfront is already dredging up interest.

More than 900 people have inquired about upcoming condominiums at the site, according to Barry Cain, whose company Gramor Development is leading the project.

The Tualatin, Ore.-based construction firm set up a website last year showcasing the project and its progress. One section allows visitors to file letters of interest in condominiums, and that created the deluge, Cain said.

“One of the things we did was on our website, if you’re interested (in a condo), you can give us your name and keep us up to date,” he said in a recent interview with The Columbian. “We looked the other day and we were surprised to find 900 people had put their name down.”

There are at least 100 condos

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