Is Land a Good Investment? A Reality Check on the Profits and Risks

Buying a home may be the American dream, but buying land—empty, yet full of possibilities—holds an almost mythical appeal. It’s also cheap: On average, land will cost you a mere $3,020 per acre. Unlike avocados or iPhones, land is a finite resource, which you’d think would shore up its value. So let’s talk turkey: Is land truly a good investment?

The answer depends, for starters, on what you hope to do with it. The possibilities, of course, are close to endless: You could build a cute little cabin or your dream mansion. Or maybe you’re thinking big with your investment, like a future condo complex or shopping mall that will reel in beaucoup bucks.

But while land may seem as solid as an investment gets, it’s not something you want to venture into without careful consideration of the costs and red tape you’ll encounter. Here are some of the questions to ponder to help you decide

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