How Other Cities are Fighting the Displacement so Many in NYC Fear

We often hear that New York City has a uniquely hot real estate-market, along with some of the best tools—from the nation’s largest stock of public housing to a robust inventory of rent-stabilized units—to ensure low-income renters can live here.

But when we’re looking globally, New York City is only the 64th least affordable city in the world—in much better stead than places like Hong Kong, Sydney and a bunch of California’s most lux communities. And both globally and nationally, we’re certainly among a number of cities experimenting with new anti-displacement strategies.

There are opportunities for learning from other cities, however. Take New York City’s new mandatory inclusionary housing, which the de Blasio administration has touted as the nation’s most aggressive. It’s worth noting that Los Angeles managed to pass a policy this November with some provisions that ours doesn’t have. Developers who receive density bonuses are not only required

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