What Is a Row House? Prepare to Be Charmed

Reach back into your memory of ’80s and ’90s television, and see if you can recall the opening credits of “Full House and “All in the Family.” Those houses—where much mirth and merriment took place—are textbook examples of row houses.

Row houses are single-family homes that are built side by side and share a common wall and often a common look. Typically two to five stories, they feature living quarters on several floors, with a traditional layout of living space on the first floor and bedrooms above. Some models have a business below.

“Row homes are one of the most desired pieces of real estate available, especially in places like New York, Brooklyn, or San Francisco, where they are historical and, in some cases, rare,” says Daniela Sassoun, associate real estate broker with Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

The history of row houses

Because of convenience, row houses became the construction style of choice starting in

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