City’s preservation board wants Portland Co. plan altered

As many as a dozen proposed townhouses may be eliminated along Fore Street as the result of a recent city decision affecting the redevelopment of 10 acres of land on Portland’s eastern waterfront.

Between nine and 12 units that were to be built on top of two historic buildings were recommended for elimination by the city’s Historic Preservation Board in order to preserve public views of the former railroad foundry.


James Brady, a principal in the CPB2 development group, said he was “saddened” that the board recommended eliminating the units. He believes that view corridors already included in the plan, including a 50-foot corridor in the middle of the site, provided enough visual access.

“We believe there was a view corridor there that allowed a view into the historic complex,” said Brady, who originally proposed 17 duplexes within the affected area. “We’re in a

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