How to Sell an Investment Property and Make a Killing |®

An investment property, by definition, is a place with one simple goal: to make money. So if you want to learn how to sell an investment property, we’d wager that maximizing those profits is likely your top priority.

In many ways, the steps to selling an investment property are the same as selling a home where you live: You hire a listing agent who will market your property on® and start bringing in potential buyers. Still, since investment properties operate under different rules taxwise than a home where you live, you’ll want to ask certain questions.

Here are the factors to consider—plus the fun part: how much money you could stand to make.

Should I sell my investment property?

First things first: Are you sure you want to sell? Because there are other options that could drum up income—steady income—such as renting it out.

Whitney Nicely, principal broker with Whitney Buys Houses in Knoxville, TN, has more of a buy-and-hold

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