The race is on to sell Scarborough Downs, racetrack and all

SCARBOROUGH — For the first time since it was carved out of coastal muck and gravel 66 years ago, Scarborough Downs is for sale, really for sale, all 483 acres stretching from Route 1 to Payne Road.

Fresh off a failed land deal that aimed to preserve the long-struggling racetrack, the owners have set their sights on unloading the swath of prime real estate for $7.5 million with little or no interest in keeping the harness racing enterprise alive.


They say the Downs is being snuffed out by dwindling profits and attendance, increasing competition from casinos and online gambling, crumbling facilities that have drawn recent scrutiny from government officials, and continuing controversy with horse owners and trainers.

It’s all become too much for Denise Terry, vice president of finance at the Downs. She has largely assumed operation of the racetrack for her mother, Sharon

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