A modern house with maritime views rises on a hill in Portland, Maine

Real estate developer Tom Landry, of CornerStone Building Restoration, and architectural designer Brewster Buttfield, of Prospect Design, have collaborated on many projects, but when it came time to design a home for lot with a view on Portland’s storied Munjoy Hill, they decided to do something a bit different. “We’ve built things for other people, now let’s design something we’d like to live in ourselves,” Landry suggested.

“This was an older, run-down property that stretched from one end of the lot to the other. The neighborhood was once a bit gritty and industrial, but it had become a very desirable neighborhood. It’s a very idiosyncratic place, and much of the architecture follows that,” explains Buttfield. “Our idea was to shrink the new building’s footprint to create some green space, and to make it taller to gain views.”

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