A taste of Manhattan in Bethesda

The Lauren in Bethesda, Md., comprises 29 condos ranging from $950,000 for a 1,189-square-foot one-bedroom unit to $4.8 million for a 3,500-square-foot three-bedroom condo. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post)

When arriving home from a vacation means tossing your keys to the valet parking attendant who greets you by name, chatting with the concierge about your theater tickets and walking into a freshly cleaned home with a restocked refrigerator, you may feel as if you’re a chic New Yorker living on Manhattan’s East Side. Instead, you could be living a pampered life at the Lauren, one of Bethesda’s newest and costliest new condominiums, developed by 1788 Holdings and Persimmon Capital Partners.

“Our residents are what I call ‘working wealthy’ people who may have another home elsewhere and who travel often,” says developer Larry Goodwin, principal of 1788 Holdings, a real estate

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Plan for construction of up to 14 condos makes waves on Peaks Island

A developer has requested a zoning change for Peaks Island that would make way for 12 to 14 condominiums, a sign that Portland’s housing crunch may spread to the offshore community of mostly single-family homes.

The proposal for the property at 2 Island Ave. comes from Kevin Carter, who lives in North Carolina but has family ties to Peaks Island. Although the project details are in flux, the zoning change Carter is seeking could result in one of the tallest, densest developments on the island.


Carter has filed his request with the city at the confluence of two trends in Greater Portland – a squeeze on rental units and a surge in new housing construction.

“It creates an opportunity to create some affordable housing in and around the Portland area with an easy commute, albeit a boat ride rather than a car

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Needed: neighborhood heliports for drone deliveries

For Anna Stolley Persky, a mother of three in Fairfax, Va., at-home delivery of groceries and household goods is a gift from heaven.

Persky, who works from home as a freelance writer, gets weekly delivery from Amazon

AMZN, +2.12%

 of everything from clothes to back-to-school items, specialty fresh food from HelloFresh so she can make several meals a week, and grocery staples from Peapod.com.

There’s just one problem: There’s not a lot

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Rising Home Prices Drive an Exodus From the Costliest U.S. Cities

rising prices are causing buyers to move from expensive cities

oatawa/iStock; Philip Kramer/Getty Images; realtor.com illustration

Home prices are continuing their steady climb in the nation’s biggest cities, pushing would-be home buyers to seek affordable alternatives in the suburbs—or even other parts of the country.

With too few affordably priced abodes on the market, the cost of purchasing a home around the country jumped 5.1% nationally in July, according to the most recent data from the SP CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices. That was up ever so slightly from a 5% bump in June.

Prices rose considerably more in some white-hot metros such as Portland, OR, and Seattle. But here’s a surprise: In San Francisco, where the median price is a bank-account-busting $1.2 million, the cost of homeownership didn’t increase from June to July. Phew! However, prices were up 6% from the same month a year ago.

“This is

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Needed: neighborhood heliports for drone deliveries?

For Anna Stolley Persky, a mother of three in Fairfax, Va., at-home delivery for groceries and household goods is a gift from heaven.

Persky, who works part-time from home as a freelance writer, gets a weekly delivery from Amazon

AMZN, +2.07%

 from everything from clothes to back-to-school items, specialty fresh food deliveries from HelloFresh so she can make several meals a week, and grocery staples from Peapod.com.

There’s just one problem. There’s

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A modern house with maritime views rises on a hill in Portland, Maine

Real estate developer Tom Landry, of CornerStone Building Restoration, and architectural designer Brewster Buttfield, of Prospect Design, have collaborated on many projects, but when it came time to design a home for lot with a view on Portland’s storied Munjoy Hill, they decided to do something a bit different. “We’ve built things for other people, now let’s design something we’d like to live in ourselves,” Landry suggested.

“This was an older, run-down property that stretched from one end of the lot to the other. The neighborhood was once a bit gritty and industrial, but it had become a very desirable neighborhood. It’s a very idiosyncratic place, and much of the architecture follows that,” explains Buttfield. “Our idea was to shrink the new building’s footprint to create some green space, and to make it taller to gain views.”

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How an old hardware store became a creative home for Yarmouth couple

YARMOUTH, Maine — Creaky, well-worn floors. Dark corners once loaded with small parts bins. The hardware heart of a do-it-yourself village culture has been captured and transformed with an urban sensibility.

Artist Charlie Hewitt saw the half century-old Goff’s Hardware store on Main Street and instantly knew he wanted to live there. “It took me 40 years in New York to find the perfect loft in Maine,” said Hewitt, a Lewiston native.

The sculptor and painter left Maine at 17 and ended up in New York. After decades of orbiting the art world from SoHo to the Lower East Side, to Jersey City, Hewitt, who has a colorful piece on the High Line in New York City, and his wife Kate Carey, a painter in her own right, were eager to settle in a community and put down roots. Trying to raise two children amid the urban frenzy gave urgency to the

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Housing series part 3: Local roots and memories

Editor’s note: This is Part 3 of a four-part series about housing in Melrose. In Part 1, we reviewed the city’s housing history. In Part 2, we looked at the current market with a focus on affordability. This week, we hear from Melrosians navigating the real estate landscape.

For Jackie Indrisano, it was time to sell.

In the early months of 2016, she had redone the floors and repainted the walls of her condo on Winter Street, less than half a mile from City Hall. She would put the place on the market and turn a big profit. Then she would move to northern Massachusetts,or perhaps go south to be near her siblings in Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.

When the family next door sold their condo for way above asking price and moved north, she figured it was only rational for her to do the same.


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