The big high-rise freeze

The regional government appears to be backtracking on a high-rise construction halt following a backlash from developers, but the long-term consequences of its controversial decision for the property sector and urban planning remain unclear.


TAXI DRIVER Ko Kyaw Zin Htut was disappointed. At a time when he was struggling to cover his running costs because of the grinding traffic, he’d lost a regular source of income: a group of passengers who hired his car every day.

The customers were construction workers, who pooled to rent the taxi from North Okkalapa to downtown, paying K4200. But now they have no work to go to.

The reduction in Kyaw Zin Htut’s income is one of the many consequences of the Yangon Region government’s order to suspend more than 200 high-rise construction projects across the city, pending a review.

Kyaw Zin Htut is far from the only one upset at the regional government’s

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