EDITORIAL: ADUs, STRs, and the Pagosa Housing Crisis, Part Four

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I had volunteered last week to write a report about Accessory Dwelling Units — ADUs — for a subcommittee of the Archuleta County Housing Workgroup. My favorite way to do research, nowadays, is to start an article series in the Daily Post and bang my head against various and sundry conceptual walls for a few days — and share those banging sounds with you, dear reader.

One of the housing solutions currently being promoted by certain members of our subcommittee involves “increased density” — putting more housing into areas where streets, utilities, schools, transportation, and shopping already exist. Another term might be “infill.”

But many of the land use regulations adopted by the Town and County governments over the past couple of decades — including minimum lot sizes, minimum building dimensions, allowable structure types, exterior finishes allowed or not allowed — have been aimed, as I mentioned yesterday in

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