WEEI Celtics Podcast – Chris Forsberg on the Celtics Summer – 7/16

The rough woody. Welcome into the WEEI Celtics podcasts it all summer edition it’s been awhile I think we haven’t had a podcasts in before the draft. And I would like to claim that’s because of some sort of journalistic integrity and where I was going to allow everything to happen and then give my reaction. But really it’s the summer I was on vacation. Oh I’m sick Packard by the way I forgot to say that in the in the intro Jarrett wise my normal co host is not here. He’s also on vacation. So it’s kind of wacky time for us here the W Celtics podcast but during those wacky times returned to one man. The man with a plan a wise man works for ESPN Boston Chris Forsberg he joins me now on the phone harried and Chris. What’s gonna actually Arctic regions. He should be happening

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