Haverhill hopes condos boost Acre – Eagle

HAVERHILL — New housing is sprouting up in several parts of the city.

Old downtown shoe factories have been converted to apartments popular with newcomers to Haverhill. Expensive single-family homes dot the rural outskirts of the community.

But seldom does new construction move into packed inner-city neighborhoods, which lack space or are not seen by developers as good investment.

That’s why city officials are encouraged to see a condo project about to be built in the Acre, an inner-city area that Haverhill officials have targeted for improvement.

The condo project is small — four units — but officials hope it will help plant the seeds for other new developments and neighborhood improvements.

The City Council cleared the way this week for construction of the project to begin. Councilors waived the affordable housing requirement for one unit of the project in a vacant lot at 69 Auburn St. The property is owned by Eric Dorman, president of

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