Smelly, tiny home ‘for sale’ in Southeast Portland

As housing in the Pacific Northwest becomes increasingly hard to come by, folks looking to find a place to rest their rump may be interested in this moderately priced abode that popped up Monday on Craigslist in the Abernathy neighborhood of Southeast Portland.

At first glance this urban, modular dwelling appears to be nothing more than your average Porta Potty, but a close reading of the post reveals the details that turn this mobile water closet into a home.

“This cozy, 1/2 bath contemporary tiny home includes a large front door. It is an ideal retreat for an artist/writer or a married couple on the fence about divorce,” the unidentified seller wrote. “The entire building is outfitted with high efficiency amenities like slots for natural light, ventilation for comfort, and lightweight siding certified to endure some climate change related disasters.”

Along with the abovementioned built-in features, the home also comes with a “custom,

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