Har Mar Superstar comes home in time for ‘Best Summer Ever’

He’s lived it up with Kate Moss in London, Ozzy Osbourne in Los Angeles and Macaulay Culkin in New York, to drop just a few names. The thing Sean Tillmann really likes to talk about these days, though, is his so-called “grandma house,” where he intends to hang out with his less-famous Twin Cities friends.

“I’m not changing a thing, I love it,” he said as he welcomed us into a country-quaint kitchen that looked decorated circa 1954.

Better known by his half-baked but fully cemented moniker Har Mar Superstar, Tillmann hasn’t officially called Minnesota home for 13 years — going back to when he was 25 and quite literally living out of the Turf Club in St. Paul.

Just last month, though, the Owatonna native bought a small two-story house tucked away in the heart of northeast Minneapolis. It’s the kind of home a family of seven used

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