In Our View: A Catch-22 in Housing

Statistics about housing markets inevitably represent a bit of a Catch-22 for an urban area.

Developing a locale that is a desirable relocation spot can boost the local economy, attract people who work in growth industries and increase home values for those who already live there. At the same time, rising home values can price many people out of the market, contribute to an increase in the homeless population, and eventually drive away young workers suited for those very growth industries that are necessary for a thriving community.

So it is that differing conclusions can be reached about the latest analysis of Vancouver’s housing market. The numbers from February showed an 11 percent increase in new listings over the previous year, and a median sales price of $266,300. That price was slightly lower than the January median, but still represents a 6.6 percent increase from a tear earlier.

Undoubtedly, this area is desirable

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