Why Maine’s Portland, like its Oregon namesake, is seeing an influx

A few years ago, Gwynne Rivers was a born-and-raised New Yorker who’d never owned a car nor given a thought to shoveling her front walkway. But after a divorce and some financial turbulence, “I felt like things were getting complicated,” she said.

A friend who’d also grown up in Manhattan suggested Rivers join him in Portland — the one in Maine.

“I followed my heart and took a little bit of a leap of faith,” Rivers told MarketWatch. In return, she found a vibrant community with a more impressive “foodie” scene than New York’s, she said, plus great coffee shops, excellent schools and “fresh open country air for kids.”

Portland, Oregon, has spawned a hipster television show proclaiming it “the place where young people go to retire” and a slew of national media coverage of its appeal to priced-out Californians and lifestyle-oriented migrants. But across the country, a

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